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i like animals and cups of tea.

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still really ill and was supposed to be going out for a Chinese with the family tonight but my mum text me and said she would drop off a takeaway on their way back. aw yisssssssss! best family evuh.

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might change the underneath of my hair to purple instead of blue oooooh.

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Anonymous said: why the fuck are you mean to anons? jeez

because they are either rude like you are or just being nosey. why should I be nice to someone who hides behind an anonymous button?

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rebelfantum said: You are honestly sooo gorgeous!

thanks boo! xoxo

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Throw back to when I had purple hair. Looked like a goth this night but I love this dress so much!!
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angrymethods said: What's your job?

interior design! 

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pls i am bored,

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i love ohbabyyoureaclassic so much hahahahahahah

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